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In the spirit of black history month, we want to celebrate and honor Sugar Land’s amazing local African American business owners for their continued success and contribution to the city and learn more about their humble beginnings.

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Try B.B. Italia's New York Style pizza at Sugar Land Town Square.

There’s nothing quite like biting into a warm, cheesy pizza with the perfect crust. Just thinking about it makes you smile. So, if you’re in need of a pizza fix, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top recommendations so that you can fully satisfy your next craving. 

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World Famous Savannah Bananas are coming to Sugar Land in March!

23. Get up close and personal with Star Trek star William Shatner

Following a screening of the classic Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the original ‘Captain James T. Kirk’ will take you on a behind-the-scenes journey as he shares

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If you’re new to the Sugar Land area, you’re in for a treat when it comes to parks. If you could calculate the number of parks and other recreational facilities per capita, Sugar Land would surely be way above the national average. When you’re planning a visit, be sure to put a few of the parks on your list—you can wear yourself out or just sit back and relax, walk the trails or look to the skies for birds, enjoy a picnic or cruise on a canoe.