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Try a Vietnamese twist for your caffeine fix!

Looking for a coffee fix? Check out our list of the best brews in Sugar Land.

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Purchase a ticket to a concert at our state-of-the-art performance venue and feel the adrenaline of a live show!

In Sugar Land, the month of September is all about welcoming the fall season with movies, music, and family-friendly fun! Enjoy stunning displays of entertainment as global icon Russell Peters and legendary musicians like Anthony Hamilton take the stage at Sugar Land’s Smart Financial Centre. Throw it back to the 80s and 90s, as Houston’s best musicians transport you to the times of Elvis and the Eagles with their uncanny impersonations and covers! And last but not least, have the time of your life at the biggest event of the season at Sugar Land’s Fall Fest on September 23!

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Try a variety of soft serve ice creams and toppings at Somi Somi! Photo: @PhamishedFoodies

Imagine the blazing Texan summer heat in the fiery months of June and July. You’re hot and sweating, tired and hungry, and in desperate need of some energy. What better way to pick yourself up than to dig into some cool and delicious ice cream!  Here are the best ones to try:

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Try the variety of delicious treats like Tres Leches Cake and Cheesecake served in a jar at Heaven in a Jar Desserts.

Some people say the best part—maybe the only part—of a great meal is the dessert. And goodness knows, there are plenty of us who step out for dessert and skip dinner entirely! If you’re in Sugar Land for the day, a weekend, or on vacation ---  we have some dessert shops that you simply must try! And here’s a bonus: They’re all locally owned, so make sure to add these places to your checklist and let us know your favorites by tagging in your posts @VisitSugarLand.

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Black Sugar Milk Tea and Coffee with Sea Salt Milk Tea at MTea and Coffee.

Have a sweet spot for Tapioca? Those wonderfully delicious and unexpected textured fillings found in bubble tea? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve done our tapioca tastings and have narrowed down the best places in Sugar Land to indulge in. Check our best recommendations below!

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When people think of drinks, they typically think of coffee or those with an alcoholic persuasion, but in Sugar Land our tastes extend to boba tea, sweet tea, juices, and smoothies.

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Crispy, chewy, and oh-so-chocolatey are some of the words that come to mind when describing your favorite cookie. Cookies can be made with an array of ingredients including, sugars, spices, chocolate, nuts, and dried fruits. We embarked ourselves on a voyage to find the best cookies in Sugar Land and asked our staff for their favorites. Keep reading to see what they said and to see if your favorite made the cut.