Love latte art? Learn how to do this at BlendIn Coffee Club's workshops.

Calling all coffee aficionados! Come explore BlendIn!

BlendIn is no ordinary coffee shop –it’s a coffee club where you not only get to drink ah-mazing coffee but also learn the art of coffee-making!

Located on Highway 6 in Sugar Land, BlendIn is a contemporary, Nordic-inspired space with bright interiors and sleek, white and wood seating – making it the perfect spot to go on a date, hang out with a friend, work or study.

Coffee beans at BlendIn Coffee Club

Bucket of coffee beans. Photo Courtesy @blendincoffeeclub

Coffee like no other

BlendIn’s lengthy menu consists of an Espresso Bar with popular drinks like Cappuccino, Americano and Latte which you can enhance with extra shots, chocolate, vanilla, and honey syrups, and almond and oat milk alternatives.

Another section of their menu is the Brewing Bar which offers their signature Single-Origin coffees with beans from many other countries from around the world!

Each barista working at BlendIn is trained in coffee-making and crafts each drink with love and care. Ask your BlendIn’s Barista Signature drink of the season. Ask them what If you want more to take home, grab your in-house roasted bag of coffee beans for home brewing!

Iced coffee and donut at BlendIn Coffee Club

The perfect pair: an iced latte and a donut. Photo: @blendincoffeeclub

More items on the menu

Not in the mood for hot coffee? Choose from their cold beverages like their highly popular, smooth and silky Nitro Cold Brew or go for one of their five warm, soothing teas: Oolong, Green, Herbal, Black & White.

Pair your drink with their pastry selections like croissants, old fashiones donuts, macarons, frosted donut holes and more.

Coffee Workshops and Events

Now if you want to go beyond just tasting coffee, you can further develop your passion through their workshops! 

Explore all their upcoming classes.

Sugar Land is filled with hidden gems like BlendIn Coffee Club! Find more of our favorite coffee shops or visit our restaurant’s page for more yummy finds.

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