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Sugar Land’s global community is reflected in the array of cuisines in the area! South-Asian, Vietnamese Tex-Mex, American and Japanese to name a few make up our multicultural food scene. After indulging in our diverse cuisine, sweeten up your palette by visiting one of our sweet destinations.  

Let us help you plan your gastronomic tour throughout the “Sweetest City in Texas.” Are you ready to try all the flavors Sugar Land has to offer? 

BBQ spread with brisket and ribs

A juicy brisket plate from Williams Smokehouse. 


When in Texas, treating yourself to some authentic BBQ is an absolute must! Create an unforgettable experience that tantalizes the taste buds with the rich, smoky aroma of authentic barbecue. From the moment you step inside, the welcoming atmosphere and the enticing scent of array of mouthwatering options, from succulent brisket to fall-off-the-bone ribs create an anticipation that's hard to resist. Choose from Williams Smoke House and King's BBQ! Looking for fusion? Try out Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ and Volcano Hot Pot & BBQ

Ranchera Chicken Crispy Taco at Carmelo's Mexican Grill

A crispy taco plate at Carmelo's Mexican Grill. photo by: @femme_foodie


Who doesn’t love a sizzling plate of fajitas and tableside guacamole? Tex-Mex food is a staple in the city and the assortment of restaurants in the area is proof we love this type of fare. Enjoy enchiladas, queso, made-from-scratch tortillas and margaritas in many spots around the city to pick from Escalante’s Fine Tex Mex, Carmelo’s Mexican Grill, Los Tios Restaurant, La Tapatia Mexican Restaurant, Lupe Tortilla and Chuy’s. In town, for the night or weekend and want to spice up your fare with margaritas? Check out the top margarita spots in SLTX.  

Sashimi at Keeper's Restaurant

Sashimi at Keeper’s Japanese Restaurant and Bar. Photo: @Iheartkeepers 


What’s not to love about a succulent bite of fish? We have many different restaurants in the area like Takara Sushi which also has a wonderful patio to enjoy their specialty rolls and cocktails. Keeper’s Japanese Restaurant & Bar is a top recommendation for sushi, sashimi and specialty rolls. Japaneiro’s Sushi Bistro & Latin Grill has a fusion of Latin and Asian flavors in the heart of the city in Sugar Land Town Square. Other fantastic places to hit up are Aki Steak and Sushi, Umami Japanese Restaurant and Ichiban Sushi & Tapioca.  

Thom Ka Soup with shrimp at Thai Cottage

Tom Kha Soup. Photo: @thai.cottage.tx 

Thai Food 

What is your spicy level? Whether you like it mild or hot, Sugar Land has a plethora of Thai gastronomy to indulge in.  Enjoy noodles, curries and stir fries at local restaurants like Thai Nines Cuisine or head on over to Silom Station for some tasty Thai street food. Last but not least, you can’t miss Thai Cottage's spacious dining room and uniquely delicious dishes like the Crab Fried Rice and Wings of Paradise.

Bowl of pho soup with noodles and beef at Pho at Telfair

Pho soup with beef at Pho at Telfair. Photo: @you_had_me_at_halal 


Whether it’s freezing cold or we’re experiencing skyrocketing hot temps, it’s never a bad idea to indulge in a warm bowl of pho. This Vietnamese comfort dish has found a home in Sugar Land and in our bellies. Restaurants like Pho Ben at Telfair and Highway 6, Pho at Telfair, Pho Shack have extensive menus to choose from anything to sandwiches to noodle dishes. Our recommendations are pho, banh mi sandwiches made with French bread, shaved carrots and well-done meats (made with your preferred broth flavors and meat choice) and Vermicelli bowls, similar to pho but without the soup.

Aling's restaurant food spread

Seared & spicy tofu, green bean, chicken and veggie dishes at Aling’s. Photo: @alingsrestaurant 


Aromatic, colorful and rich in flavors are only a few words to describe Chinese food and Sugar Land has a myriad of places to pick from.  If you want distinctive flavors, Aling’s Chinese Bistro fuses Indian and Chinese ingredients to create dishes full of spice, depth and texture like the Chili Pepper Shrimp, the Schezuan Fried Rice and Bombay Basil Chicken. On the other hand, Cooking Girl serves organic Chinese meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes like Hunan Style pork and Red Dumplings. Mala Sichuan is a staff favorite and its concept was developed by a husband-and-wife team who wanted to share their love for authentic Sichuan food. Don’t miss their Water Boiled Fish Fillet, Baby Bok Choy and Shiitake Mushrooms and their Red Chili Oil Dumplings as an appetizer to tantalize your taste buds. 

A South-Asian feast at Nirmanz Food Boutique

Try Chef Nirmanz’s traditional take on Indian food. Photo: @nirmanzofficial 

South Asian 

If you want to venture out from the traditional like Butter Chicken and Samosas South Asian food has to be on your list. Starting with Mahesh’s Kitchen at Sugar Land Town Square with a modern twist on Indian dishes. Want a more traditional take on South Asian cuisine? Visit chef-driven Nirmanz Food Boutique. Want to explore more of this cuisine, check out our South Asian restaurant guide.  

A bowl of spaghetti at Piada Street Food

Make your own pasta combinations at Piada. Photo by: @spoonrisekingdom  


You can’t talk about comfort food without mentioning Italian food. Corelli’s Italian Café is a long-standing classic Italian restaurant, where you can expect favorites on the menu like fettuccine alfredo, spaghetti and meatballs on a checkerboard–tablecloth setting. On the other hand, if want something more contemporary, head over to Piada Italian Street Food for casual and modern ready-to-make wraps, salads and pastas for dining in or on the go. 

The birria sandwich and chicken fried steak at State Fare

The birria sandwich and truffle fries at State Fare is a must-try during lunchtime.


If you’re in the mood for some good old hamburgers, pizza and east-coast inspired tacos then we have some amazing options as well! State Fare takes traditional American dishes and makes them bold like their Purist Mac n Cheese with double cheese, crab, andouille and shrimp. Live Oak Grill is popular for their made-to-order burgers with USDA Prime Beef and hand-cut fires in a laid-back setting. Venture to Jupiter Pizza and Waffles and order the Daised and Confused for a spicy maple pulled pork, Hollandaise sauce and bacon pizza you can’t have anywhere else!  

Couldn’t find something that tickled your foodie feathers, check out our culinary guide for all budgets.  

Sweet Escapes

Feng Cha Boba Tea with tapioca

Dirty Bobas with Black Tea photo: @munchinwithmani

Tapioca Teas  

We have an amazing variety of boba tea shops in Sugar Land! The popular sweet and milky drink can be enjoyed in a variety of flavors and tapioca balls. Check out spots like Happy Lemon, The Creamery Teahouse and other top spots to enjoy this cult favorite drink

Soft serve ice cream with sprinkles and fish-shaped waffle cone at Somi Somi

Soft serve and fish-shaped waffle cone at somi-somi. Photo: @macarooz 

Ice Cream 

The “Sweetest City in Texas” sure has some of the best ice cream spots to satisfy your sweet tooth! Try Somi Somi’s Asian-style soft serve in a fresh-made fish-shaped waffle cone or delight in an Italian gelato from Gelato Picks.  Choose one or try all our top ice cream spots in Sugar Land

More Sweet Eats! 

If you’re looking for more sweet ways to end your meal, then check out our locally-owned places that serve indulgent desserts

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