Have a sweet spot for Tapioca? Those wonderfully delicious and unexpected textured fillings found in bubble tea? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve done our tapioca tastings and have narrowed down the best places in Sugar Land to indulge in. Unleash your wings and begin exploring our top picks.

Dulce Tapioca │ Strawberry and Banana Milk Blend with Tapioca

Photo: Geraldine D.

Dulce Tapioca

2735 Town Center Blvd N
Sugar Land, TX 77479


Recommendation: Strawberry and Banana Milk blend with Tapioca. This fruity milk tea blend will make you feel nostalgic for strawberry-banana smoothies with a tapioca twist.

The Teahouse │ Taro Coconut Milk Tea with Tapioca

Photo: Teahouse Instagram

The Teahouse Tapioca & Tea    

3536 Highway 6
Sugar Land, TX 77478


Recommendation: Taro Coconut Milk Tea with Tapioca. Taste an exotic blend of taro and coconut with this milk tea. Taro is a root vegetable similar to a potato that soaks up flavor like a sponge and gives your drink a sweet and nutty taste.

Sharetea │ Matcha Milk with Tapioca

Photo: Sharetea Instagram


3227 Highway 6
Suite A
Sugar Land, TX 77478


Recommendation: Matcha Milk with Tapioca. Green tea enthusiasts and health-conscious bubble tea aficionados will appreciate this rich, vibrant green drink.

Mango Hut │ Toffee Milk Tea with Tapioca

Photo: @lamaism Instagram

Mango Hut   

4645 Highway 6
Suite J
Sugar Land, TX 77478


Recommendation: Toffee Milk Tea with Tapioca. This sugary milk tea is a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

My Tastes │ Thai Tea with Tapioca

Photo: @mytastes1 Instagram

My Tastes   

13500 W Airport Blvd
Suite C
Sugar Land, TX 77498


Recommendation: Thai Tea with Tapioca. This drink is perfect for tea drinkers that prefer strong flavor profiles with a bit of sugar and spice.

MTea │ Rose Lychee Gree Tea
Photo: @mteabeawesome Instagram

MTea & Coffee   

3737 Highway 6
Sugar Land, TX 77478


Recommendation: Rose Lychee Green Tea with Tapioca. Fragrant and refreshing, this tea gives you a hint of floral notes and nutty undertones.

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