Stroll by Sugar Land Town Square and admire the art at Art Museum TX.

Art Lover Itinerary in Sugar Land, Texas

Calling all art lovers! Sugar Land is comprised of beautiful artwork throughout the city for all of those who find art intriguing and fascinating. Uncover hidden gems from historical sculptures to paintings and mosaic artworks to traffic box public art projects. Sugar Land’s growing art scene offers visitors exciting things to see and do throughout the city.


Art Spaces

Visitors can go to the Sugar Land Art Center & Gallery, where admission into this local artist collective is free. Space operates not only as a gallery but also as a working artist studio. The Sugar Land Art Center & Gallery also offers adult and children’s art classes in a variety of disciplines and has an on-site gift shop. 

Art Museum TX

This small contemporary museum in the heart of Sugar Land should be a stop during your next visit to Sugar Land Town Square. Their rotating exhibitions showcase the art of local and Great Houston area artists. Sign up This space encourages the understanding of art so stop by, admire the art and then enjoy global cuisine at town square.

vorTEX art sculpture at Sugar Land Regional Airport

Don't miss this kinetic sculpture at the entrance of The Sugar Land Regional Airport. 

Sugar Land is home to several kinetic sculptures including a sculpture by artist, Lyman Whitaker of Whitaker Studio at the entrance of Sugar Land Regional Airport. According to Whitaker, “The twist and flow of this installation, VorTEX, gives the observer a chance to check into the weather before taking flight at Sugar Land Regional Airport. Its job is to connect the viewer to the surrounding natural elements.” 

It's OK not to be OK mural at Cullinan Park

Find this beautiful mural at Cullinan Park.

Murals in Sugar Land

Did you know Sugar Land is sprinkled with colorful murals? Many of our parks and attractions harbor masterpieces that honor the city's history and sweet roots. Make a bucket list and visit our colorful murals and these great places to take pictures in Sugar Land.

Colorful Traffic Boxes Blog Photo

Can you spot any of these colorful traffic boxes in Sugar Land?

Discover The Most Colorful Traffic Box Wraps

Art is always sweeter in Sugar Land! The City of Sugar Land Cultural Arts Department collaborated with local artists to design images that centered around a “Sweet Things” theme. As you're driving around town you may notice colorful traffic box displays at every stop showcasing literal interpretations of sweet things like cakes and other dessert favorites, while others showcase Sugar Land’s sweet history and present-day attractions located along Hwy 90A between Interstate Hwy 59 and Hwy 6. These unique traffic box wraps were designed to help beautify the right-of-the-way, give visitors a memorable welcome, and brighten drives for commuters. Check out more photos to get a full glimpse.

The Rustic Brush studio

Grab your friends and have a guided art class at The Rustic Brush.

DIY Artwork

After seeing all that artwork, you’ll probably be inspired to create some of your own! Sugar Land also has many places to create different kinds of art. Some of these places are Smashed Clay and The Rustic Brush, Visit any of our DIY classes and workshops in Sugar Land and get your creative juices flowing.

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