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How Do I Apply for a Special Event Permit?

Applicants need to follow the link to our online portal and create an account.


What Submission Deadlines Should I Be Aware of?

Due Date No. of Attendees/Required Documentation Timeline
45 Days Varies on Venue
6 Months 3,000 - 9,999 Attendees at The Crown Festival Park at Sugar Land
12 Months 10,000+ Attendees at The Crown Festival Park at Sugar Land


What is the Special Event Permitting Process?

The City of Sugar Land Special Event permitting process has been established to create a streamlined approach to the review and execution of events in the city.


Illustration of the City of Sugar Land's special event permit process.


What requires a Special Event Permit?

According to Sugar Land Ordinance No. 2065 Article XIII. Special Events Sec. 5-504(a), a Special Event Permit is required:

(1) When a Special Event:

a. Impedes, obstructs, impairs, interferes or disrupts normal or usual use of City property, facilities, or right-of-way; or

b. Requires the use of any City Services that would not be necessary in the absence of the Special Event.

(2) For all Street Events unless specifically excepted in this article.

These exceptions are listed in Sugar Land Ordinance No. 2065 Article XIII. Special Events Sec. 5-503(a-d). This article does not apply to:

(a) A City Produced Event.

(b) A Special Event conducted by an Independent School District and located at an ISD facility or on ISD property.

(c) A Special Event located entirely in Sugar Land Town Square Plaza and permitted under Chapter 5, Article VII.

(d) A Street Festival that will have less than 100 participants, whose participants primarily reside or have a business adjacent to the location of the Street Festival and which is operated in a manner to allow one lane of the Street to be open at all times to allow emergency access to lots abutting the closed Street.


What Ordinances Do I Need to be Aware of for Special Events in the City?


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