Hiking at Cullinan Park.

Top 3 Hiking Trails in Sugar Land

Sugar Land has an abundance of beautiful parks, lakes and hiking trails to keep you active and connected to nature. Here are the top three trails for you to check out: Beautiful tree and picture spot at cullinan park.

Nature in motion. Photo: @felipeandrespierda 

Cullinan Park

Immerse yourself in the outdoors at Cullinan Park. With 9 hiking trails surrounded by lush greenery and towering trees, Cullinan offers the perfect respite from city life for you to reset. Walk along its popular 2-mile Oyster Creek Loop trail that has a 13 ft descent and a 14 ft climb or try the 3-mile Cullinan Three Sisters trail which passes by a bird-watching platform, a viewpoint of the White Lake, and an old cemetery along the Oyster Creek. Watch out for various wildlife including snakes, armadillos, rabbits, deer and the iconic old pecan tree, the 23rd largest tree in Texas. Check out this trail legend to view all the trail options.  

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Sugar Land Memorial Park Hiking Blog

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Sugar Land Memorial Park 

Go on the Justin P. Brindley Trail at Sugar Land Memorial Park if you want the option to hike, mountain bike, or run. The 3.6-mile gravel loop trail runs along the beautiful lake and is great to visit any time of the year with your furry friends. At the southern end of the trail, there is a short 1.25-mile long pump track that is the perfect place for new mountain bikers or BMXers to develop their skills or for more advanced riders to challenge themselves on the multiple technical trail features.  

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Biking trail through the woods at Brazos River Park.

A winding trail. Photo: @lycia_fit

Brazos River Park 

For a chilled-out hiking experience, go to Brazos River Park. This is a 67-acre regional park located along I-69 Frontage Road and the Brazos River has an easy trail that takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, is mostly shaded and gives you views of the nearby water. The first 0.5 miles is a paved city path along the bayou which transitions into a lovely wooded area. 

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New to hiking? 

Here are 6 essentials you should pack before you set on your day-hike adventure: 

1. A Sturdy Backpack 

Choosing the right backpack is key to ensuring a comfortable day out. Buy a backpack that has a capacity between 10 to 25 liters so that all your essentials can easily fit in.  


2. Food and Water 

With the blazing summer heat, it’s really important to stay fueled and hydrated for your hike! nutrient-dense bars, dates, nuts, and bananas are all energy-boosting foods that are easy to carry and travel with. For water, consider buying a water bladder instead of a water bottle. A water bladder is basically a water bottle that stays inside your bag with a long hose attached that can hang off of your shoulder so you have easy access throughout your hike! 


3. Power Bank 

Isn’t it the worst when you need your phone and the battery dies? Always remember to have a power bank on you in case you need to reach out to someone in case of emergency. Another tip is to always let someone know of your park location and how long you expect to be gone! 


4. Sunscreen 

Even if it’s a cloudy day, you should still put on sunscreen of at least SPF 30 or higher! Add sunglasses and a hat for more protection.  


5. Proper Clothing 

The clothes you wear can seriously affect how much you enjoy your outdoor experience, especially on summer days, so choosing the right thing is important! We recommend wearing clothes that cover your arms and legs to prevent skin burns but to make sure they are loose-fitted and breathable to keep you cool! As good as black makes you look, avoid wearing dark colors that will absorb the heat and go for lighter colors and sweat-absorbing materials like polyester and nylon! If you want to step it up, even more, buy clothes with a UPF rating that block out the sun’s rays.  


6. Footwear 

The last thing you want is blisters on your feet. Buy trail-running shoes with a reinforced toe cap for summer trails or opt for good quality running shoes for easier trails like the ones at Cullinan Park. 


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