Event Producers

As identified in the Special Events Ordinance, the City recognizes that special events help define the City's image, build community, drive economic activity and enhance the overall quality of life. The purpose of the Special Events Ordinance is to set forth a permitting mandate and process including criteria for Special Events designed to protect, preserve and promote the safety and welfare of the general public, including but not limited to: ensuring the physical safety of residents and visitors; providing for emergency medical, fire, traffic operations, and other elements associated with the Special Event.

One of the provisions established is the requirement of the signed and complete Special Events Application when requesting to utilize or disrupt normal use of City property or when the use of City Services are required. The complete Special Events Application must be submitted no less than 45 calendar days before the first date of the proposed date of the Special Event. For a listing of all deadlines for additional permits and submission of documents, please review the Special Events Policy and Procedures

As the Event Producer, you are responsible for adhering to all stipulations as outlined in the Special Events Ordinance, Special Events Policy and Procedures, and any and all conditions placed by each City department. 

Event producers are urged to contact the Destination Event Manager before submitting the Special Events Application. This allows the Destination Event Manager to thoroughly explain the steps of the Special Events Permit process and what needs to be included when submitting the complete Special Events Application. Pending the anticipated size and specifics of the potential event, a meeting with the Destination Event Manager and the Event Review Committee may be requested. 



The first requirement in the Special Events Permit Process is to sign and complete the Special Events Application.The application must be filed no less than 45 calendar days before the first date of the proposed date of the Special Event. The application must be accompanied by supplemental information including applicable fees and documents. 

Application fees may be submitted in the form of a credit card or a cashier's check (payable to the City of Sugar Land). Completed applications will be processed as they are received. To check on the status of your application, contact the Destination Event Manager.

All complete and signed Special Events Applications, with all corresponding documents, must be submitted to the Destination Event Manager.

Via Mail:
Visit Sugar Land Convention & Visitor Services
ATTN: Destination Event Manager
PO BOX 110
Sugar Land, TX 77478-0110
(E) tourism@sugarlandtx.gov

Policy & Procedures

Click here to review the City of Sugar Land Inter-Departmental Policy and Procedure regarding Special Events. 

Please note the application fee schedule below. The Event Producer is responsible for submitting the signed and completed Special Events Permit Application with all applicable fees and supplemental documents. The fee schedule below does not include fees for additional City Services.


Permit Fee

Under 100

$ 0.00

100 to 500

$ 25.00              

500 to 1,000

$ 50.00

1,000 to 5,000


5,000 to 10,000


Over 10,000