Try a Vietnamese twist for your caffeine fix!

Looking for a coffee fix? Check out our list of the best brews in Sugar Land.


Rang Coffee

If you want a cute and aesthetic place to work, study, or just hang out while sipping on some delicious Vietnamese coffee drinks, head over to Rang Coffee! Try their popular Rang Bac Xiu with salted cold foam drink, made with a combination of coffee beans imported from Vietnam, and Vietnamese condensed milk with a whole splash of milk - making the perfect refresher for summer.


Embedo Coffee

Nestled in the heart of Sugar Land, Texas, there's a hidden gem that promises to elevate your coffee experience to new heights–Embedo Coffee. This charming coffee haven is more than just a place to grab your daily caffeine fix; it's a sensory journey that invites you to savor every sip. 

Grab their popular “Embedo Cold Brew” or Iced Mocha and head over to the back of the shop to enjoy a glorious view of the lake and trees while you sip on your brew! 


Coffee at Qahwah House

Enjoy a delicious cup of chai or coffee at this Yemeni coffee stop!

Qahwah House

This specialty cafe boasts their own coffee beans from 200-year-old family farms in Yemen. The space is expansive with a variety of seating options and features incredible wall art that will transport you to the country itself. Choose from Yemeni style coffee and tea as well as Arabic light roast or Turkish dark roast pots for a pleasant buzz of caffeine to go with one of their deliciously unique pastries. 


Day 6 Coffee Co.

Day 6 Coffee Co., is your go-to spot for coffee and sweet indulgences. The shop's cozy environment is ideal for studying or catching up with friends over a latte. Treat yourself to their handcrafted breakfast sandwiches paired with a delightful muffin, all made fresh to start your day right.


Haraz Coffee House

Step into this Yemenian coffee house and enjoy an array of coffees in a bright, beautiful space. Try their Turkish coffee and house chai latte for a taste of their organic coffee from the Haraz Mountains in Yemen. Pair your sips with sweet and savory fresh pastries and bites like the Bee Bites ( a pastry dripped in honey and filled with cream cheese) and Mom's Kunafa. Other drink recommendations to try are their iced pistachio latte and saffron latte.


Minuti Coffee

Step into Italy at Minuti, a laid back, modern coffee shop located on Highway 6 that serves some of the best Italian coffee in town! Order their freshly brewed Iced Dirty Chai, a heavenly mix of a shot of espresso, and chai and pair it with your choice of sweet or savory snack like the pistachio muffin or chicken pesto sandwich. That’s not all! You can even choose from their wide selection of gelato flavors to escape the summer heat!

Iced latte at BlendIn Coffee Club

Iced latte at Blendin Coffee Club. Photo: @onehungryasiangirl

BlendIn Coffee Club

Blendin Coffee Club is a bright and fresh coffee house with a contemporary white interior that will liven up your day and a lengthy coffee and tea menu with eight kinds of brewing methods to choose from! Blendin is the perfect spot for a coffee aficionado who wants to explore different varieties of flavors and blends. Ask the barista for origin and flavor information when you choose from their specialty single-origin coffee menu that features beans from Uganda, Panama, Columbia, and many other places! Pair your drink with their signature crepe cakes that look and taste beautiful!

If you want to further develop your passion for coffee, consider attending one of their workshops!

  • Join Blendin Coffee Club on January 15 for their Food and Coffee Pairing Workshop. Learn how to increase your sensory awareness, evaluate coffee, and pair a wide range of food with coffee. 
  • If you want to start with the basics, explore the Coffee Tasting workshop on January 21 to learn how to analyze, describe, and evaluate coffee.

Explore the classes here!


Allegro Coffee

Stop by Allegro Coffee after your next grocery run at Whole Foods at Lake Pointe Town Center. Serving your favorite hot and cold coffee drinks, this coffee shop is dubbed one of the city’s hidden gems and is a one stop shop for anyone who wants to grab a quick bite and a delicious drink. Popular items include the Matcha Latte and Iced Latte which customers love to try with different milk alternatives like soy, almond, and coconut!


Cappuccino at Sweet Paris Creperie

Cappuccino at Sweet Paris Creperie.

Sweet Paris Crêperie & Café

Step into a French-inspired café to delight in Sweet Paris's breakfast or brunch menu comprised of waffles, paninis, salads and sweet and savory crepes. Pair their delicious menu items with a cup of their perfectly brewed Americano, a cappuccino or a macchiato among other espresso drinks. For a truly indulgent experience, taste their signature Nutella drink made with the beloved chocolate hazelnut spread which makes the beverage taste like a dessert in itself! This is the perfect spot to gather with friends or for a memorable outing for a family brunch.


Gelato Picks

Vouched as the best gelato spot in the U.S. by many of its customers, Gelato Picks offers the most authentic handmade gelato you’ll find! This Venetian-inspired cafe also has a large coffee, panini and crepes menu, perfect for a light fare.


MTea & Coffee

MTea & Coffee sure knows how to keep us caffeinated with their delicious boba drinks. If you're up for a Vietnamese tea thrill, we recommend you try their Vietnamese Coffee, Black Sugar Milk Tea or the Oolong Tea with Sea Salt. The best part is there is something for non-coffee drinkers as well like fresh smoothies or juices. For something to munch on, order their yummy popcorn chicken and hang out with your friends in this chilled out kitschy coffee corner!

Dirty boba drink at Feng Cha Teahouse

Dirty Boba drink. Photo Courtesy @absofreakinglutelyyummy


Feng Cha

Located on University Boulevard, Feng Cha is the only teahouse in Texas that offers six different flavors of milk foam teas like cheese milk foam, sea salt milk foam, and tiramisu milk foam. Order their number one selling drink called the Dirty Boba Milk Tea or any of their other colorful teas that have been carefully picked from different places across China for an authentic experience! If you love their dirty boba tea but want your coffee fix too, order The Dirty Caffe Latte and experience the best of both worlds in one delicious beverage. Go for the Vietnamese Coffee for a strong rich beverage made with dark coffee and sweet condensed milk. If you’re a tea and coffee lover, the Coffee Milk Tea is made for you! Explore their entire menu here.

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