Reserving the Plaza

To host an event at the Plaza, a Reservation Request Form must be submitted to the Plaza Administrator. Upon reviewing the completed reservation request form, the Plaza Administrator will determine whether it meets the criteria of a General Rental or a Special Event. Additionally, if the reservation is a Special Event, a complete Special Events Application must be submitted a minimum of 45 days in advance. All General Rentals and Special Events can be reserved no more than three months prior to the event date. Availability of the Plaza is first come, first serve and dependent upon scheduled shows at the Smart Financial Centre. To view the available area to be reserved, please click here. The restrooms, interactive fountain and perimeter sidewalks must remain open to the public at all times. 



(Please note: Water shows are not active during scheduled events or shows at the Smart Financial Centre.)

Plaza Ordinance 2084 defines a General Rental as utilization of the plaza for the purpose of hosting an event which does not impact public property by exceeding the plaza's capacity or requiring additional City Services.

Special Event is defined in the Special Events Ordinance as a unique activity, occurring for a limited or fixed duration, and having an impact to public property that impedes, obstructs, impairs, interferes or disrupts normal or usual use of City property, facilities, or right-of-way. Special Event includes activities originating outside the City limits and entering into the City resulting in an impact to public property exceeding the established capacity of such property.

Plaza Usage Fees and Deposits


Event Type Usage Fee
Free and Open to the Public $100 per hour
Admission Fee and/or Not Open to the Public $200 per hour


Attendance Setup Deposit Fee
0-100 people No more than Tables and Chairs  $0
0-500 people   $500
500-2,780 people   $1,000
Maximum Capacity = 2,786 {pending the event setup}

Click to review the City of Sugar Land Inter-Departmental Policy and Procedures regarding the Plaza adjacent to the Smart Financial Centre.

Calling All Food Trucks!

Food Trucks that have obtained an annual food truck license are permitted to sell food and beverages in the Plaza in the designated Food Truck lane after securing a reservation through the Parks & Recreation Department

Reservations are available Monday-Friday: 5:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday: 11:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m. 

(Please note: Food Trucks are not permitted during scheduled events or shows at the Smart Financial Centre.)

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