Izakaya Ten's interior is inspired by Japanese pub culture.

Izakaya Ten is a hidden gem serving authentic Japanese food in a cool and sleek setting, where you'll get the best of Japanese cuisine and southern hospitality!   

Izakaya is known for its delicious appetizers. To start, the spicy cucumber salad is a must. The medallion cucumbers topped with a chili garlic oil are just the right amount of spice and sauciness that hit the spot just right. Their brussel sprouts are also very popular among customers, with some saying they’re the best they’ve ever had: crispy and “absolutely delicious.” 

A great non-vegetarian appetizer is the Hotate: a Japanese scallop delicacy often recommended by the restaurant staff: spicy, garlicky and absolutely addictive. 

Tokyo inspired cocktails, appetizers and sushi at Izakaya

Try their sushi rolls, appetizers and Tokyo-inspired cocktails in a Japanese pub ambiance.

The Hama chili, salmon carpaccio and dynamite shrimp are other winners on the list! For your entree, get the Zaru Soba, a traditional chilled noodle dish made from buckwheat flour and served with soy sauce-based dipping sauce for only $6.50 –definitely worth it!  Don’t miss the best part of the night: Order their unique Thai Tea Tres Leches, a soft succulent sponge cake soaked to perfection in a delicious flavor combo. 

You can also order from their happy hour menu that runs daily from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. which includes drinks, appetizers and rolls! Explore more global cuisine in Sugar Land!

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